All students develop at different rates so we ensure we offer additional learning solutions when students are not making the progress we would normally expect.


Some students benefit from working a a smaller group, revising skills regularly and building skills to mastery level with extra support. Lobethal PS offers a range of intervention programs to support learners both in their classroom and out. Programs offered include

  • Read Up– providing students in Yr 1-2 who have not met reading and phonics benchmarks, additional practise with a SSO


  • Too Smart an early intervention program for students in Years 1 -3 to understand early number concepts and build fluency.


  • Literacy Intervention For Year 3-5 students that provides intensive, small group instruction to build their skills to deepen and expand comprehension and meet the needs of struggling readers.


  • Quicksmart for Yr 4-6 students to build fluency, accuracy and understanding using number processes. Students work three times a week in intensive, small groups to increase their recall of number facts and improve their ability to solve mathematical problems.


  • Interoception strategies Our Student Wellbeing Leader leads coaching and guided rehearsal of activities to bring awareness of the internal state of the body for individuals, particularly for students diagnosed with anxiety, autism spectrum disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Support for students with additional learning needs and students with disabilities ranges from in-class guidance, additional adjustments and small group or 1:1 support with a SSO. Levels of support are based on the Department’s Inclusive Support Program funding model. Students who require more targeted support and interventions work with the Principal and class teacher to document a personalised plan (One Plan) to address their functional needs.