Our Wellbeing Program

Here at Lobethal Primary School we understand the importance of student wellbeing as a core foundation to optimise academic growth and learning opportunities.


We acknowledge that life can present with both ups and downs and students can arrive to school with their own complexities.

As a school we felt importance around creating a safe and supportive space that echoed our restorative practices and Berry Street Education Model trauma-informed strategies. And so the Cocoon room was established.

This unique space that sits beside our intervention office is multi-purpose and inclusive to all students who require individualized tailored support or an opportunity to reset. Our school wellbeing leader works part time to incorporate updated practices that are both student-centered, student-led and proactive. A large component of our Cocoon space is providing students with strategies for self-regulation, coping tools, social emotional learning and intelligence, interoception skills, wellbeing tools, growth mindset ways of thinking, and conflict resolution. Our Cocoon Room space is also timetabled for a handful of targeted students who are either verified with a disability or present with wellbeing and mental health concerns and referred by a staff member/parent/carer. Our Cocoon room also doubles up as a family meeting space, a referral hub for department support services and a friendly warm hug for all. Our Cocoon room is thoughtfully and purposefully set up to feel safe, warm, calm, sensory inputting and outputting and quiet.

An extension of our wellbeing focus here at LPS is our whole school wellbeing groups led by our school seniors. Wellbeing groups provide the opportunity to draw focus on school wellbeing data and disperse wellbeing information. This promotes a strong buddy system, relationship building amongst peers, and maintains a positive and connected school environment. Twice a year our student wellbeing leader runs a whole school bully audit which sets the benchmark for intervention and student happiness. In addition, we utilize our schools Wellbeing Engagement and Collection data to decipher areas of focus and improvement.

As a department for education site we acknowledge where our boundaries lay and will often refer our students and families onto services that we consider to be beneficial and reputable within our hills area and beyond.

A few of these services are:

https://www.thehut.org.au/ -providing financial and social support, education, fun, and fitness activities to support the hills community.

https://www.wchn.sa.gov.au/our-network/camhs -Child and Adolescent mental health services located in Mt Barker

https://www.foodbank.org.au –LPS supplies food vouchers for all families in need to access food and grocery relief. Foodbank visits the Lobethal Oval weekly

https://headspace.org.au/ -a bursting to the brim information resource that offers support for student mental health, work and study, and career mentoring. Headspace provides online chats, email and phone call support with a qualified professional. Headspace come onsite to LPS to present student workshops.

https://kidshelpline.com.au/ -Qualified counsellors available via webchat, phone or email anytime and for any reason.

https://bullyingnoway.gov.au/ -evidence informed resources and activities