Lobethal Primary School is lucky to have the support of many parents in volunteering their time to support their children while enrolled at the school

Opportunities to be involved include providing classroom / reading support for teachers in the Early Years, accompanying students on excursions and camps, coaching sports teams, transporting students to and from events, covering books in the library and helping out at fundraising events. Any person volunteering at the school will need to complete a volunteer application form, which are available from the front office and complete the following:

RAN-EC induction

All volunteers who provide ongoing assistance must have attended or undertaken a RAN-EC induction session for volunteers. The RAN-EC induction outlines volunteers’ child protection responsibilities and provides guidelines on protective practices. The RAN-EC session for volunteers is now available via an online session. A certificate of participation is provided when completed and can be brought to the front office and the certificate is transferable across sites. To access the Department for Education’s online training click here

RRHAN-EC training link

To access the Department of Education’s online RRHAN-EC training for volunteers you will need to create a Plink account via this link.  Please make sure that your account type is volunteer otherwise the correct course will not show up.


From 1 July 2019, people working or volunteering with children in South Australia must, by law, have a valid child-related clearance.  WWCCs replace all other types of child-related employment screening checks.  A WWCC will be valid for five years and if a WWCC is only being used for volunteering purposes, the volunteer will receive it for free.

You don’t need a working with children check if you:

  • work for SA Police or the Australian Federal Police
  • are a parent or guardian volunteering with your own child (e.g. at school) and do not have close personal contact with other children

Working with Children checks are required for:

  • parents or guardians attending overnight camps
  • sports coaches who are not parents / guardians of a child in the team
  • parent volunteers, if their own child is not involved in the service / activity

If you require a WWCC, please contact our front office and they will get the process started for you.

Screenings are just one measure used to help keep children safe. Everyone who works with children plays a part in child protection, including watching out for inappropriate behaviour.

If you have any questions about screening, please speak with school staff.