Personalised Learning Program

Lobethal Primary School is committed to providing a personalised learning program for all of its students. Personalised learning is a term used to describe the tailoring of a student’s learning to match their learning needs and to support the development of their personal passions and interests.

This can happen through individual programming, small group work or by working in a flexible fashion with a whole group. Entry points can be designed by teacher, support staff or by the student themselves.

Personalised learning is not about students meandering their way through an aimless curriculum. It is about rigorous structures with high learning expectations supported by high levels of monitoring and intervention within a range of flexible learning environments.

Extensive research over recent years has shown that a personalised learning environment significantly improves student learning outcomes.

Respected international researchers including John Hattie and Dylan William have gathered considerable evidence that teachers can achieve significant results for students through the effective application of assessment for learning practices and by maximising the connection between the needs of the learner, the learning opportunities presented to them and the formative feedback that they receive.

Classroom layouts are designed to support flexible use of the classroom space. Large, small, circular, semi circular, individual and group work tables allow students to work in a range of ways and to maximise floor space. Lounges, beanbags and cushions provide students with a choice of working environments.

Classroom learning resources (particularly in maths) have been organised across the school to allow students immediate access to the learning materials that they need.

A wireless computer network allows students almost continual access to computers either individually, in small groups or as a whole class, depending on need.

Students’ voice is heard through classroom meetings, individual conferences and Student Forums. Student Forums are an opportunity for all students to share an equal voice. When a topic reaches a Student Forum all interested students can attend and have their say.

A thirst for learning, an understanding of the learning process and connections to the ‘real world’ are powerful outcomes for a student who has had the opportunity to make sense of their learning, achieve success and be optimistic about their future as a learner.

Our work in personalising learning is to achieve the learning outcomes set in the Australian Curriculum with deep conceptual understandings by supporting each student’s learning needs.

To learn more about our personalised learning program, and that of our peer schools, please click here. Please note that this is an 8MB PDF.